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Overrated/Underrated Characters Empty Overrated/Underrated Characters

Post  MissWakaLaka on Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:10 pm

Similar to the overrated/underrated game threads, this is the place where you can vent on the popular characters you dislike, whilst praising the ones you think deserve more attention.

Please try to give a reason as to why you believe a character is either overrated or underrated.

My first choice is Aerith Gainsborough from Final Fantasy 7. There are many reasons I dislike her. The first being that she annoys the hell out of me. Being popular for dying is not something I'd be particularly proud of. Not only that, but her character is often blown out of proportion. Fans portray her as a kind, gentle, mother figure who was trying to win the heart of her true love.

In reality, she's a clingy, brash, rude, flirtacious woman who hits on a guy not five minutes after meeting him, spends the entire game making advances on a guy her friend also likes, insults Barrett, and constantly runs off despite being told not to do so.

Silver The Hedgehog. I know a lot of this stems from the fact that he appeared in Sonic 06, and because he comes across as being quite whiny and naive, but I generally think he's pretty cool. His telekenesis makes up for his slow speed, he would have killed Sonic if not for Amy intervening, and he's considerably optimistic for a fourteen year old growing up in a dystopic, crapsack future.

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Overrated/Underrated Characters Empty Re: Overrated/Underrated Characters

Post  GOD_wears_GUCCI on Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:27 pm

I think the most unappreciated character in history is yoshimitsu from teken. He is amazing and has so many combo possibilities yet when I would play I would see very few people playing with him. Given an understanding of his combinations, he absolutely terrorizes any opponent and makes them look childish and pathetic.

Also, an exaggerated character for me would be Mario from supersmash bro's, his voice/laugh is annoying and he is deffinitally not the best character in the game. Even yoshi had better skills then him.

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