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Post  Dudeacus97 on Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:49 pm

Does anybody else here like the Command and Conquer games. The only one I played ws Command and Conquer Generals and the expansion, Zero Hour, and I loved them. It's one of those games that knows when to be realistic and when to be AWESOME.

I also heard that Red Alert 3 was pretty good and that the units were insane. I saw some gameplay, and it clearly looks like they threw that pesky "logic" thing out of the window and just went nuts creating... crazy things. Some examples of good quality sanity in that game include a cannon that shoots parachuting armored bears, tesla ants, blimps, and dolphins with sonic attacks. I've never played this game, but I love those comedic games that just go crazy with batshit stuff (Borderlands, COD Zombies, Ratchet & Clank.)

Does anybody like Command and Conquer? Are the other ones any good?
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